We welcome YOU to our Sawubona Sister Gatherings!  We are currently sharing our sisterhood gatherings and community outreach once a month in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, College Station, and online with interactive calls.  Each event is thoughtfully and collaboratively designed to be a unique event for like-minded women.   We find women are seeking true connection and to be SEEN in life and work. In their pursuit, they are striving to find ways to bring further harmony, understanding and growth as they embrace their purpose and outreach with the intention of affecting the global collective.  

There is a new legacy rising, a legacy of SISTERHOOD!

Our Mission is to SEE others in their beauty and purpose and to be SEEN in the uniqueness of ours as we influence and impact the overall conscious collective of rising women.


Our Vision Statement is to be women who are:

  • Enhancing our ideas, language, and actions (thoughts, beliefs, and practice) to welcome in a new dynamic legacy of sisterhood. 

  • Lifting our expectations to a higher level for connection and interaction.

  • Willing to look deeper within ourselves and be open to exploring behind our challenges and reactions.


We also have seven "Sacred" Agreements that all sisters align to, you can read those agreements here

Upcoming Events

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Infuse Your Life through Time, Flow & Synchronicity
Aug 16, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM CDT
Zoom On-Line

Meet Team Sawubona

Check out The Sawubona Team page for more information 

Lori Dixon

Creative Founder

Mind, Body, and Spirit Program Connector

Betsy Schroeder

Interaction and Energy Connector

Eileen McDonald

Mindfulness and Wellness Connector

Katrina Kuzniuk

Healing and Joy Connector

Erika Ervin

Perspective and Clarity Connector

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