We welcome YOU to our Sawubona Sister Gatherings!  We are a global community of women that are seeking true connection and to be SEEN in life and work. In their pursuit, they are striving to find ways to bring further harmony, understanding and growth as they embrace their purpose and outreach with the intention of affecting the global collective of rising women.  We are lifting our expectations to a higher level for connection and interaction while being willing to look deeper within ourselves and open to exploration behind our challenges and reactions.   

There is a new legacy rising, a legacy of sisterhood!  We SEE You!

Each quarter within our private community, we hold community discussions on a specific quarterly topic. For Q2, 2021, our discussions are focused on

The Hidden You

To join in these discussions, go to our Community Membership page here and provide your FB profile to be added to our group.  You can also go to our Facebook page and ask to join the group there.  

Check out our Gatherings and Calendar page for information on the various Sister Connect Experiences offered this month.

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Jun 12, 10:00 AM CDT
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"There is a new legacy rising, a legacy of SISTERHOOD"

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