About Us

Lori Dixon is the Creative Founder of Sawubona Sister Gatherings.   We find women are seeking true connections, to be SEEN  for their authentic self, to be valued for who they are and their own brilliance and to further grow into who they aspire to be.   Our group empowers women to re-envision their authentic self, activate their strengths and embrace their journey in life.  Our Mission and Vision were written with the rising woman in mind, so that they may be SEEN and welcomed!  We SEE you and we are here to help support you along your life's path.   

We welcome YOU to Sawubona Sister Gatherings!  

Our Mission is to SEE others in their beauty and purpose and to be SEEN in the uniqueness of ours as we influence and impact the overall conscious collective of rising women.


Our Vision Statement is to be women who are:

  • Enhancing our ideas, language, and actions (thoughts, beliefs, and practice) to welcome in a new dynamic legacy of sisterhood. 

  • Lifting our expectations to a higher level for connection and interaction.

  • Willing to look deeper within ourselves and be open to exploring behind our challenges and reactions.


We also have seven "Sacred" Agreements that all sisters align to, you can read those agreements here

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Because our Mission is to SEE others in their beauty and purpose and to be SEEN in the uniqueness of ours, we will always stand for mutual respect, equality and acceptance.  Our hope is for love, kindness, justice and peace for all.  

Join our Sisterhood

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The Sawubona Sister membership is complimentary and allows for sisters to pay individually for any activities that they desire.  If you are a "registered member", then there may be a discounted "member rate" offered for gatherings and SisterConnects, when a fee is associated with the event.  In addition, you will receive emails with information on upcoming events and a new members blessing bag.  For more details on membership and to register to join the sisterhood, please click here for membership information.  

Upcoming Gatherings

We call our events "gatherings" because that means "to join and unite".  We regularly have gatherings for Sisters to interact and connect with each other while also learning, growing and discussing topics of interest.  Individual tickets are available here on our Gatherings page.  We invite attendees to join early for any SisterConnect time. This allows for socializing and connecting just like would occur if someone shows up early to an in-person event.  

In addition to our monthly SisterConnect gatherings, we hold occasional retreats and Co-Lab's (collaborative events).  These events are different formats from our SisterConnect gatherings and are priced based on the event offering.  These events will be listed as retreats or Co-Lab in order to clarify the difference in these events.  

We look forward to SEEing you at an upcoming Gathering soon!

"We welcome YOU to our Sisterhood!"