Betsy Schroeder Biography

Betsy Schroeder is the Founder of Interpersonal Discovery and works with clients wanting to take action in order to shift their focus towards their strengths and assets, instead of dwelling on perceived deficits or problems. She helps them to master their mindset by working together with them to open their awareness to the current conditions and then guides them in redefining their situation through knowledge building and self-discovery.  After all, "there is nobody else like you in the world and this is worth celebrating rather than searching for faults" (Madisyn Taylor).  


Over two decades of passion was spent working within Human Resources at a top Fortune 100 company. As a Servant Leader, it has always been her goal to help people achieve success and be the best version of themselves within the workplace. Cultural change, organizational design, new leader assimilation, change leadership and management as well as people development were aspects of being an HR advocate and utilizing her talents and skills.  She now uses this experience to help individuals, leaders and teams discover their resilience, optimism, and confidence and how to overcome challenges and obstacles.    


She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and has certifications in a number of assessment tools and systems, including Personalysis and Asset Based Thinking. When implementing change, you need tools and understanding about the steps to take to be effective. Betsy takes pride in her ability to listen attentively and communicate empathetically, helping clients to make those shifts in their lives.

On a personal basis, Betsy is very familiar with the concepts of igniting energy and rising to a new level, to see things from a different point of view. As an avid hot air balloonist she travels to various parts of the country to participate in hot air balloon rallies.  Whether she is enjoying the joy that comes from lifting gently off the ground and into the sky in flight; driving the chase vehicle, or just being a part of the chase crew, she enjoys every adventure that ballooning provides as well as the camaraderie of spending time with family and friends. 

You can reach Betsy through her website or via social media.

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