Katrina Kuzniuk Biography

Welcome to the Sawubona Sisterhood. I’m Kat, Healing & Joy Connector and owner of Kourageously You.


A few years ago, I read a passage that changed my life and path forever.


You are not broken and do not need to be fixed.

Instead work on removing the layers of fear, judgement, guilt, and shame that hold you back from revealing who you really are.

You are enough. 

Follow your own path, not the path others think you should take.

Trust yourself to know what’s best for you.

Remember to get out there, take action, and make it real.

Discover your purpose

~Mastin Kipp~


In that moment I knew what ailed me and so many others. It was an ache of the heart known as ‘ENOUGH’.

I’m not …

Thin, pretty, kind, smart, good, driven, creative, healthy, rich, special, perfect …. Enough.


I had said words like these to myself countless times. I was no longer Kat. I was ‘NOT ENOUGH’.


Acknowledging the hurt was the first step in this adventure. I knew I could not embark on my journey alone.

Healing would need my faith, connections within the wellness space, spiritual leaders and friends. My sisters.

I leaned into myself, removing the layers with grace. Opening myself to experience the freedom of knowing and loving me.


I unearthed my gifts of touch, words, sound and spirit. 

I found my purpose. To fearlessly help others live with dignity, respect, and love.


Let’s vibrate higher, laugh longer, and discover being Kourageously You.


Currently I’m pursuing my Massage Therapy License and Sound Therapy Certification. I’m an ABT (Asset Based Thinking) Support Coach, and a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner.

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