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There are several membership options within our Sisterhood.  The "Sawubona Sister" membership is complimentary and allows for Sisters to be a part of our community and simply pay individually for any offerings that they desire to receive.  The "Sawubona Sister Plus" membership gives you just a bit more, including the Sawubona, I SEE You, Live-Streaming TV show.  Finally, the "Sawubona Soul Sister" membership is an upgraded subscription and is perfect for those individual Sisters that really want to connect, interact and express themselves at a deeper level, and desire included access to everything with many offerings provided at a discounted rate.  You can select your chosen membership below. We ask that you consider, at the very least, registering with us as a "Sawubona Sister". There is no charge for this membership, and joining our Sisterhood in this way provides us the opportunity to send you a wonderful Welcome Blessings Bag as a new "member" and is the start to your Sister Experience.  If you would like a copy of the benefits provided within each membership level for your records, you may download it by clicking the PDF icon here.

"When women support each other as a Sisterhood, amazing things happen! "

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