Our Sacred Agreements

1.  Be genuine and vulnerable in your own truth walk.  Remember to keep embracing your own growth in the process.  Use curiosity to investigate our own path and be willing to share it with others.

2.  Be present in the gathering.  Life is about moments and you are living in this one at this time.  The past no longer serves your inner growth and the higher good for all.  Bring it with you only for healing and understanding. Feel the juiciness and lusciousness of enlivening our interactions.


3.  Be open and aware of the walk of others in their own process. Contribute and support space for each of us to learn, interact, and grow.  As women, we are conduits of giving and receiving through our very best.

4.  Be compassionate and non-judgmental of each other.  We are all uniquely amazing and have feelings and views which may not be shared by all.

5.  Be a truth speaker and do not let gossip enter into the conversation.  Discussions and interactions as we are active listeners with each other are considered confidential of the circle of this gathering.  What happens in the group, stays in the group.


6.  Be purposeful and deliberate with intention and gratitude for the experience and those sharing in the journey.


7. Be in EASE.  Through these agreements, we embrace the ease in ourselves and others.


"Find Your Tribe...the one that makes you feel the most YOU."