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Our group empowers women to re-envision their authentic self, activate their strengths and embrace their journey in life.  Our Mission is to SEE others in their beauty and purpose and to be SEEN in the uniqueness of ours as we influence and impact the overall conscious collective of rising women.  Our Mission and Vision were written with that woman in mind, so that they may be SEEN and welcomed! 


Our team is comprised of a spirited group of women from diverse backgrounds and varied life experiences.  Our live-streaming TV show consists of a discussion "on the couch" from our living room to yours, delving into topics that are relevant to life.  Our thoughts may be new and lead you to ponder.  Some topics may be ones that you always wanted to discuss and yet didn't have a "Sister" with whom to share.  You will be able to watch the show, at your convenience, and then join us in the community to share your own thoughts on these topics.


You can get access to SawubonaTV by ordering either the Sawubona Sister Plus membership or the Sawubona Soul Sister membership.   Click here or on the image below to access Sawubona TV as a Member! Once you sign up, you will receive confirmation of your membership purchase.  You will subsequently receive a separate welcome to Sawubona TV email with the digital download links and access information to the show.  The first show becomes available starting October 1, 2020 and and you will have access to each subsequently released show as long as you remain a monthly subscriber to SawubonaTV.  

We SEE you and are here to support you along your journey!

You may have to click on the musical notes in the lower right corner to hear sound.  

"From our living room to yours...join us 'on the couch' ... We SEE You!"

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